• Image of Virgin Indian GLAM Hair

Indian Hair is the most readily available hair on the market. This hairs density is a fine texture and low luster. Its naturally light and bouncy and can be easily styled. Indian hair moves effortlessly with minimal products. It also blends nicely with most hair textures including African American straightened textures. This hair can come in textures from silky to slightly coarse. This hair will swell and become frizzy in humid conditions or fog and will need extra attention. You can reduce this by using anti-frizz products or a smoothing serum.

**Some bundles have looser waves/curls while others have a significantly deeper waves/curls. If you have a preference let us know while ordering and we will try our best to meet your needs and choose bundles for you that match closely.

This wefted hair is reported to have minimal shedding.

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